Hot Yoga Stockholm

Mania Lozinska Mania

Mania was born and raised in Stockholm. In early 2008, she began practicing yoga at Hot Yoga
Stockholm to get help with panic attacks and chronic eczema. The yoga and the heat gave her very much
quick result and after six months she was convinced of the healing power of the yoga.
Mania moved to Malmö shortly thereafter, where she continued to yoga and study at Lund University.
Yoga took more and more of her life and in 2010 she went to Bikram’s TT, to share yoga
to others. Since then, Mania has been teaching in Malmö and Copenhagen, and has changed the yoga teacher’s life with travel and his passion for vegan cooking.

Mania has lived in different communities for most of her life and is interested in how yoga can be used to raise
quality of life for all living creatures on this earth, based on the yoga tools for fulfillment. To get to know yourself well, and to love yourself as one is a prerequisite for that create a harmonious life on this planet that we share with each other. The yoga has helped Mania in this process, and now she is passionate about conveying these powerful tools in yoga’s philosophy in its classes.
This interest in yoga and its philosophy has also led to the exploration of other forms of yoga, meditation
and Ayurveda. Mania continues her learning and exploration, giving her great satisfaction in deepening in
yoga’s many branches. Since September 2018, Mania teaches at Hot Yoga Stockholm, and is sometimes also seen behind
reception counter.


  • Bikram Yoga College of India, 2010
  • Shri Kali Ashram, 200h Traditional Tantra Yoga, 2016
  • Mediyoga Module 1, 2017
  • Sampoorna Yoga, 300h Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 2019