Sadhana in the city 1-5 juni – yogaklasser och workshops – med Sherie van den Wijngaard


Yama and Niyama in Action

Learn how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into your physical practice. By increasing our awareness we can greater assess our strengths and weakness for long lasting stability. Each day will be spent working with specific ranges of motion and the stages of learning.

Vi kommer under 5 dagar ta både klasser och workshops som följer temat ”Yama och Niyama in Action” och innehållet beskrivet ovan. Du kan vara helt ny till yogan eller ha hållit på i flera år, dessa dagar är för alla. Så länge du är nyfiken och villig att lära dig, det är allt som krävs. Dagar fyllda av yoga, filosofi, andning, teknik, värme, energi och härliga stunder utlovas!

Schemaupplägget ser likadant ut varje dag men har olika fokusområden
1/6 – 5/6

9.00-11.30 Sadhana-klass
11.30-13.00 Lunchpaus
13.00-15.45 Workshop, Pranayama and Meditation

Endast 3200 SEK för alla fem dagar – kan förbokas
Enskilda dagar 640 SEK. – kan förbokas
Halvdagar 375 SEK (delta antingen innan lunchpausen eller efter): kan inte förbokas utan släpps på plats samma dag 30 min innan start.

Boka er till sadhana-veckan HÄR.

Sadhana class

The sadhana class is based on the general teaching of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We start with breathing exercises (pranayama), followed by a slow warm up (kriya), and spend time exploring different standing flows for functional movement (vinyasa krama). We end with various floor flows and offer free space for personal closing poses and meditation. It is so hard to explain this class outside of the simple word sadhana. Vinyasa Krama in sadhana class comes from Sherie´s teacher and what he studied with Sri T. Krishnamacharya – it is profound and deeply effective! This practice can be adapted to most needs and levels – students with injuries or other concerns should enquire.


Eftermiddagens workshops fortsätter att hantera temat för dagen inom ”specific ranges of motion and the stages of learning.” Dessa ger en ökad kroppskännedom och kunskap om hur du arbetar på ett funktionellt, närvarande och medvetet sätt i din yogautövning. Workshopen innefattar även både Pranayama (andningsövningar) och Meditation.

Om Sherie van Den Wijngaard

Sherie began practicing yoga in 1992 on advise of her physical therapist. After 3 years of practice she moved to India for a 1 year live-in yoga therapy training in Vinyasa Krama. Upon her return to the United States yoga supported her through 4 half Iron Man triathlons. In 1998 she began to study hot Hatha yoga and in 2006 went to Los Angeles California to complete the 9 week traditional 26&2 training. Sherie has spent almost 30 years practicing and teaching the 8 limb path of yoga as a holistic system. She’s worked with all types of people, from teachers and top athletes to the injured and elderly, all students are welcome in her classes. The practice is adapted to the needs and purposes of the student. Teaching yoga has allowed Sherie to live a life in service to others. She lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands with her husband since 2011.